Lease Plans

RMS Maritime
Over the last few decades Rygate Surveyors have developed expertise in the preparation of plans for RMS Maritime. These plans include Plans defining seaward structures for the purpose of a long term lease Plans defining reclaimed land for the purpose of a sale. Rygate Surveyors can liaise with the survey division of RMS maritime in order to provide the right plan for you.

Lease of Land
Depending on the term of the lease and whether or not the lease encompasses the entirety of the land a plan of lease may be required in order to register your lease with Land Registry Services NSW. Rygate Surveyors can liaise with you to determine the best outcome for your project and use our knowledge and experience to provide a great value solution

Lease of Premises
Where a lease is required to be lodged with theNSW Land Registry Services a plan of lease of premises may be required. Rygate Surveyors are uniquely positioned to guide you through this process and develop the best plan to satisfy your requirements due to our extensive history and the exceptional knowledge of our staff.

*PCA Lease Area Plans
Rygate Surveyors have decades of experience in preparing lease area surveys in accordance with the Property Council of Australia guidelines “Methods of Measurement” and before that under the old BOMA guidelines. We have extensive knowledge in the application of Gross Lettable Area (GLA), Net Lettable Area (NLA) and Gross Lettable Area Retail (GLAR) to all sizes and shapes of buildings or projects.

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