Laser Scanning

3D Laser scanning utilises specialised equipment to quickly and accurately collect large amounts of point cloud data that forms a digital representation of the site. This allows for highly detailed as built and existing condition documentation of the project to be developed. Recent developments have seen rapid increases in laser scanning technology and the computer processes required to efficiently utilise this data.

It is now a common method on projects of any scale from residential renovations to state significant projects to ensure that the site conditions are accurately and effectively recorded. In a growing number of situations 3D laser scanning is becoming a quicker, safer and more cost effective method of obtaining precise data than traditional surveying methods.

At Rygate Surveyors we have rapidly been developing our capabilities to ensure that we can best meet our client’s laser scanning and 3D modelling needs and are committed to staying at the forefront of technology.

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Rygate Surveyors can deliver:

  • Point Clouds
  • Rendered Flythroughs
  • Elevation and Floor Plans
  • Revit Models
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