Sapphire Wind Farm

The Sapphire wind farm project was undertaken by Rygate Surveyors in 2016-2017. Our involvement in the project began with detail and level surveys for design purposes then moved onto the preparation of Deposited Plans to be registered at NSW Land Registry Services. By the end of the project Rygates managed the preparation of over 20 Subdivisions, Lease Plans and Easement Plans to facilitate leases and access for the wind generating turbines. The field measurements were obtained using a combination of modern G.P.S technology and traditional Surveying techniques.


Sydney Aquarium Penguin Enclosure

Rygate Surveyors were engaged by MPA to provide construction setout and as built surveys for the recent construction of the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium Penguin Expedition ride. The project entailed the construction of the world's first ride through penguin experience that takes visitors on a boat ride through the penguin's enclosure that is climate controlled to match their Antarctic habitat. Our staff were involved in all stages from setout through to documenting the final product using the latest technology to provide the client with the best service and product.


Denison Street Banksmeadow Subdivision

Denison Street, Banksmeadow is a 14 lot industrial subdivision in Banksmeadow, which Rygate Surveyors was provided services from the initial planning stage through to final registration of the subdivision and creation of new titles and new public road. This subdivision contains an intricate arrangement of easements and other encumbrances.


Cross Street Bankstown Strata development

Cross Street Bankstown is an 8-storey building containing 36 residential units and 3 levels of basement parking. Rygate Surveyors provided advice to the developer, prepared the draft Strata Plan for sales contracts, a plan of redefinition of the site prior to construction and the final registered Strata Plan for 36 residential lots. Rygate Surveyors also organised Private Certification for issue of the Complying Development Certificate and Strata Certificate together with a qualified valuer for issue of the valuer’s certificate.

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