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The team at Rygate Surveyors is highly skilled and qualified with a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of land surveying. We are heavily involved in the profession and have a focus on training the next generation of surveyors. We encourage accountability and professionalism from all members of our team and provide regular training opportunities to help all team members advance through their career. With experts in every field and over 125 years of history behind us the team at Rygate Surveyors is best placed to guide you through your next project

Rygate Directors and Associate Directors

Greg Frith
Greg Frith

Bachelor of Surveying (Uni. NSW), Registered Land Surveyor (1986), member of Institution of Surveyors, New South Wales.

Greg was employed by P.W. Rygate & West as a student surveyor in 1980 and re-employed following terms of employment with other practising survey firms and the Land Titles Office, having more than 30 years experience in all listed fields of surveying. Particular experience in construction site projects, urban boundary definition, strata plans and stratum subdivisions. Greg is a Convenor of the Institution of
Surveyors Survey Practice and Legislative Subcommittee.
In 2015 Greg was awarded the status of Fellow of the Institution of Surveyors NSW. The award was in recognition of Greg's tireless work during his 10 years as Chairman of the Institutions Survey Practice and Legislative Committee and the countless hours he has put into running and presenting the Institution's cadastral workshops for candidate surveyors preparing for their registration examinations.

Alan Friscic
Alan Friscic

Associate Diploma of Engineering (Surveying), Associate member of the Institution of Surveyors, New South Wales.

Alan was employed by P.W. Rygate and West in 1996. In recent years Alan's expertise have been utilised
in racecourse design and supervision of works. However Alan also has particular experience in high rise
construction control, calculation and setout, detail surveys and lease area surveys.

Tom McDonald
Tom McDonald

Bachelor of Engineering (Surveying and Spatial Information Systems) (Hons.) UNSW 2009, Registered Surveyor, member of Institution of Surveyors, New South Wales

Tom was employed by Rygate Surveyors in 2007, with particular experience in GPS, robotic theodolites, detail, laser scanning, BIM, monitoring surveys, computer calculations and CAD.

Tom is currently a director on the board of the Institution of Surveyors New South Wales as the Young Surveyors Group Representative.

Mick Brown
Mick Brown

Bachelor of Surveying (2006 Newcastle University), Registered Land Surveyor, member of Institution of Surveyors, New South Wales

Mick has 10 years post graduation experience in the surveying profession on construction sites, work as executed surveys, large scale detail surveys and subdivision work.

In recent years Mick's expertise have evolved in wind farm projects.

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